10 Facts About James McAvoy You Didn’t Know

Actor’s life is not always easy as we, normal people always imagine that celebrities always live a healthy and quality life without any tensions. But No. The only difference in their tensions and ours is dependent on the way of living. The way we live, we have our own problems which we think almost greater than anybody has. Every actor has their own list of facts, which the audience are generally unaware of. Here, in this article, we will see the 10 Interesting Facts About James McAvoy You Probably Didn’t Know.


10. He was raised by his grandparents.

James McAvoy Parents

James McAvoy’s parents divorced when he was 7 years of age and his father left. His mother had suffered from poor health and realized that she was unable to care for her son. He went to live with his maternal grandparents who raised him. His mother would live with them intermittently. And her mother left the world at 59 years of age after battling the sick health for many years.

9. His father is a different story.

James McAvoy Father

His father abandoned his mother and James McAvoy never really spoke to his father after that. In recent times his father appeared in articles talking about his admiration for his son’s place in life right now and pleading for his son to contact him. When approached by interviewers about this topic, James McAvoy always seemed unmoved and either brushes of the notion or talks about how he doesn’t need closure on this topic

8. He leads a modest lifestyle.

James McAvoy 5

James McAvoy comes from very humble beginnings in Scotland. This seemed to have come over his celebrity because he still needs a pretty modest lifestyle. His home is not a multi-million dollar mansion in Hollywood and you will not see him racing around the town in a Lamborghini. In fact, he and his wife have seen share the 1990 Nissan Micra that is still in working condition.

7. He considered other career parts before becoming an actor.

7 point

He attended Catholic school when he was young and he had some brief thoughts about joining the Catholic priesthood. He liked the idea of having the ability to travel the world without having money by doing missionary work. He decided that it was not right to use religion for his own purposes and quickly change his mind on the topic.

6. He had a pretty normal job while at school.

James McAvoy Acting

While attending school at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, James Mcavoy showed how much of a work ethic really he had by working at a local bakery while attending school. This hard work was suddenly going to pay off for this young star. He was a hard worker.

5. He got his first taste of acting before he even wanted to act.

James McAvoy - The Near Room

James McAvoy’s acting debut actually happened when he was 15 years old, despite the fact that at that time he was not that interested in acting. He ended up joining the movie “The Near Room” despite lacking interest in the industry. Then, he didn’t know what the future has for him. It was while on set that he decided that he wanted to study this particular craft after all. He would continue on as a member of the PACE Youth Theatre.

4. He has a very famous friend.


James McAvoy first met Michael Fassbender on the set of the HBO Mini-Series miniseries Band of Brothers they would also work together in the new “X-men” movies, as James McAvoy famously plays professor Charles Xavier and Michael Fassbender had landed the role of Erik Lehnsherr/Magneto. In the movie, they act quite the best friends and enemies. They seem to have quite the bromance going on. And they might have many future X-Men Movies together.

3. His first real big breakthrough.

The last king of scotland James McAvoy

Despite having achieved a bit of Fame and some awards for his role of Scottish Dr. Nicholas Garrigan in 2006 movie “The Last King of Scotland”. The movie won a few awards, including getting McCoy named the best actor by Scotland BAFTA Awards. This movie ended up getting him a lot of praise but his real breakthrough came from “Atonement” where he starred alongside Keira Knightley. If he did not get the role he stated that this would be heartbreaking but he did get it. This movie was a critical and financial success, earning many nominations during award season including a Golden Globe nod for McAvoy.

2. He was rejected for “Wanted”.

Wanted James McAvoy

One of his biggest roles after “Atonement” was the action movie Wanted which also starred such Hollywood heavyweights as veteran actors Angelina Jolie and Morgan Freeman. This is easily one of the biggest highlights of his career. After James McAvoy screen-tested for the lead role, he was originally rejected because they wanted an actor that had a more conventional look and physique of Hollywood leading man. He ended up getting the role anyways because the studio wanted someone who was more “geeky”. He was excited about his role because he had never done an action film before and he was looking forward to showing his acting versatility. He did end up getting some injuries on set including an injured knee and twisted ankle.

1. He leads a very private life.

James McAvoy wife

There is not much that is known about the private life of this actor. He is married to fellow actress Anne-Marie Duff, who starred with him in the British show “Shameless”. They agreed early on in the relationship to not discuss it with the press. They were quietly married in 2006. He also does not discuss his son who is named Brendan McAvoy and was born in 2010. But their marriage didn’t work and he got divorced in 2016.

With all these points, it is clear that James MacAvoy is really a simple man. His every movie these days, always become a massive hit. His upcoming post-production movie name is “The Sandman” which is gonna be blockbuster too with the genre of Drama, Fantasy, and Horror.



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