10 Questions Money Heist Has To Answer In Upcoming Season 5

Popular Netflix web series Money Heist (La Casa De Papel – in Spanish) is headed to release its next season soon. Furthermore, I am sure that some of you are still remembering the story and events of season 4 as you expecting about what’s going to occur in the upcoming season 5. This series contains both riddle and experience and is a perfect mix of both. It is without a doubt a treat to all the individuals who love the genre of thriller, mystery, crime, and action. Additionally, after its past season, it has made its fans more excited and restless than previously. However, season 4 likewise turned the story of the period towards new faces and hitches and it completed at such a point, that it rose a huge amount of inquiries in the mind of the people. What are those? We should get some answers concerning it as fans out there to think that it’s hard to wait for a minute or two!

Here are 10 Questions for the next Money heist season needs to answer that you didn’t think till now.

money heist 2

Alright, now let’s begin.

01/10 Who is more likely to die now?

who will die in season 5

Following all 4 seasons until now, it looks as if death is so mandatory in the Money Heist. From the beginning of this season, the group is losing its important members. After the passing of Nairobi, one of the vital parts to the team, we can figure out that nobody is safe at this point. The Professor had a gun to his head. Tokyo was wild, Rio was already on his nerves and it is obvious that everyone is ready for revenge. Everybody in the series is in anger and is up for retaliation. There will without a doubt be a completely new and unexpected demise, I assume. Can you guess who it will be in Season 5? Losing Berlin, Moscu, and afterward, Nairobi was a massive loss, however, fans ought to anticipate a greater misfortune in Season5. Denver includes an excess of lighthearted elements, The Professor can go insane with the demise of Raquel, so only Serna, Helsinki, or Bogota are left. It will definitely be interesting to see whois going to be the next target?? Fingers crossed!

02/10 Will Alicia Sierra join the gang?


Glancing back at season 4, where the scene finished, and also in whatever scenes Sierra was in, the camera continued focusing on her pregnancy. Given that each and every detail in MoneyHeist has importance, there is too much possibility that her pregnancy is huge to the storyline. It looks that the Professor may offer assistance to Alicia to deliver her baby, as a technique for persuading her. He could offer her a getaway, so she can start another life with her newborn child and bring him up at some protected spot, with no warnings around. That will make a kind of bond among them and she will probably have a feeling of gratitude and the professor will win at convincing/molding her to join the gang… Also, Alicia might join the group for 2 principle reasons: 1. She would need to maintain a strategic distance from police catch since they have given an arrest warrant on her and;2. She would need to report back to her supervisors who already did enough to ruin her image to benefit their own.

03/10 How will the gang depart from the bank of Spain?

There are very few clues concerning how the thieves will leave the bank of Spain. Also, all the gold needs to soften, but unfortunately, since the professor is stuck for a while due to Sierra it appears that the gang should turn back at least for some time. Likewise, it must be viewed that they have the assistance of Lisbon and Manila Belen Cuesta has quit professing to be another hostage. So we can sense some thrill is coming up!!

04/10 What will happen to Gandia?

Gandia is loathed as much as Arturo. He is the murderer of Nairobi, and for that all of us wish him to pay. Though thankfully the gang not only figured out how to take hold of him but also used him to mislead the police and bring Lisbonfree from any danger into the Bank of Spain. In fact, when the security chief attempted to get away he too was punched anyway – probably it was slight revenge for Naroibi’s demise. However, were their blows enough to murder him? Assuming if this is the case, how are they going to adapt to that? since under professor’s rules murder can degrade their public image. And how will they assure that Gandia isn’t attempting to play the hero here? Poor guy was battered and caught. A lot of fans want to know whether the Professor, despite everything, needs him alive, if he’s taken out, or if he’s going to die in the next season.

05/10 Where do Denver and Monica stand in season 5?

Their togetherness was one of the secrets since the beginning but sadly the situation got pretty critical. Denver was looting the bank and Monica was simply trapped in the feeling of it. She was head over heels over a wedded man and may also have been caught up in the whole component of the hero syndrome. Though it looked like an ideal match, however after time, that feeling went away. Towards the beginning of Season 3, they gave off an impression of being joyful, yet when the new heist started, there was a strain. Denver didn’t need his significant other to be a part of it, whereas Monica was determined to go on.

06/10 Will we be seeing Nairobi again?


Will Nairobi return in flashbacks like Berlin? Although Berlin was no longer alive when season 2 finished he was always a part of the series through flashbacks. Will Serrano mean to do likewise with Nairobi? But the primary hindrance to this is the justification and return of the thief which is firmly attached to the elaboration of the plan and so he is in the entire episodes with a ton of prominence. However, it does not remove the likelihood that Nairobi will return in moments in the school hall and furthermore in the memories of Tokyo.

07/10 Will Tokyo and Rio patch up?


The entire season till now, the most lovey-dovey couple that most of us know in the series was Rio and Tokyo. At the end of Season 2, the couple disappeared together on an island, where god knows why Tokyo went mad and disown Rio. This caused him to be arrested and one reason for robbing the Bank of Spain. But soon enough he got saved and afterward broke up with Tokyo. Later when Season 4 was about to end, they appeared to have shared their feelings again. Which is strange, but does this imply that they’re going to patch up and get back together in season 5? Any thoughts guys?

08/10 Will Palermo die because of Nairobi?

Palermo committed probably the greatest mistake ever in Money Heist. Since he was hurt, he helped Gandia escape that thusly caused Nairobi loads of agony which ended up her being dead. After such chaos, it’s still strange to see him alive, no? Why wasn’t he murdered? And for what reason didn’t one of the gang members set out to put a gun on his head? However, he is a vital part of the group, but will there be any individual who will take a stand for Nairobi and kill Palermo? Also, even after the professor’s instructions, it totally was astounding to imagine the group letting him go when she belonged to their family from day one.

09/10 Where is Tattiana?


Berlin’s fifth spouse Tattiana Diana was pretty strange, she showed up again in flashbacks at Money Heist without an extremely clear role. This ought not to keep going on for long, the way that she knows about the plans of the mint and the Bank of Spain is too vital for this to not turn into an element. The group of thieves talked about her in the past in a disappointing way, and this piece of information can be critical whether it’s a danger or a potential ally. Let’s see!!

10/10 Luis Tamayo is still in charge of the operation.


Colonel Tamayo endured a hard shot towards the end of the fourth season. His image is totally undermined in the press and unfortunately, he is losing the entire game. So it’s important to know whether another officer is coming or whether he will be allowed to get the robbers out of the Bank of Spain. Furthermore, in case he remains, how will his spirits be, and what will be his plan of action? All the questions might be cleared in the upcoming season 5. Till then, let’s wait and binge-watch the past ones!! Well, this brings us to the end of the article here, hope you guys enjoyed reading it. If you haven’t liked the article, do share this with the people who are eagerly waiting for the Money Heist Season 5.


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