12 Shocking Psychological Facts That Will Make Your Life Easy

Every year, there are a lot of scientific research papers get published in which psychological research plays a big role. But, reading psychological studies and research for normal people is not easy but applying those in real life is accessible undoubtedly. Today, we are going to share 12 shocking psychological facts with you and after knowing this, you will not be the same as you are now.

Music Changes Perception

Music Changes Perception Factscoops

As we all know that music has the power to change our mood. A highly energetic song will make you feel motivated whereas a sad song will make you feel sad or depressed. The choice of music you choose to listen to, depends on the way how you look at the world. It defines your perspective. In a study in 2011, people get a task to listen to different music and they also get the pen and paper. They had to tick happy and sad faces. The result was, the people who were listening to sad music, mark the sad face while the people who were listening to happy music were marking the happy faces. That thing is named “Perceptual Expectation”. In this, when you listen to something through your ears, then your brain starts seeing the similar thing through your eyes. That is the reason, energetic music always helps during the workout and soft music helps to do the focus.

Dunning-Kruger Effect

Dunning-Kruger Effect Factscoops

In 1999, two social scientists discovered that intelligent people always treat themselves as below-average people. They never assume themselves to be smarter than others. Unlike this, the average IQ people do the opposite. They always feel that they are always better than the others. So, if you meet those people who always show their superiority in everything, and they show how smart they are. Then, this is due to the reaction of the Dunning-Kruger Effect. In the effect reaction, they show their intelligence more but they are not that intelligent. Because an intelligent person will never get satisfied with his knowledge. They always doubt their abilities as they think, they can be better than this. For example. you might have seen this, that a friend who says that he hasn’t studied anything for the exam and he is the only person who got good marks. And also at the time of the exam, according to him, he wasn’t able to perform well in the exam. He could do that better. So, believe it or not, that person is really very intelligent.

Singing Reduces Anxiety

Singing Reduces Anxiety Factscoops

Imagine you are going to your office by driving a car where you have to deliver a presentation. So, normally you will feel nervous and anxious. How you will make yourself calm at this moment? Well, psychology says at this time you play your favorite song and start singing by yourself. This may sound weird but by singing your brain releases Endorphins and Oxytocin that reduces your stress level very fastly and makes your mood better. Also, it lowers your heart rate and Cortisol levels. This is the reason, you will feel calm and relax.

Power of Silence

Power of Silence - Factscoops

If you want the conversations not to get a stop and you are not aware of what to talk about? So, there is a simple way, ask any question from your partner, and when they give you the answer then keep maintain eye contact with them. As result, your partner to avoid silence, start talking about something. In studies, when a person struggles to get himself open or hide his feeling. To get the information at this time, ask only one question and be silent for a moment because silence is never accepted in between any conversations. And to avoid this, the person starts sharing information or ask cross-questions with you, which ultimately maintains the conversation.

Playing Dumb

Playing Dumb Factscoops

If you want to make a good impression in front of someone, then start talking about their favorite topic and learn something from them. For example, you meet someone who has a great interest in cars. This may happen that you also have a good amount of information about cars. But, pretend to yourself that you don’t have much knowledge about cars or lesser information than that person and start questions from them that ultimately makes that person feel smart and confident and they will show a great interest in talking to you. Because, you are showing the interest in that thing, which they want to talk and that makes you a “Likeable Person”. According to Dalai Lama,

“When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know, But if you listen, You may learn something new.” 

The Snack Man

The Snack Man Factscoops

When you are in a group or even with a person and you are taking lunch or dinner together and suddenly, you feel there may be any conflict in the way of conversation. You people about to involve in a fight, then start eating the food which is in front of you without saying a single word. According to Psychologists, eating is a “Calming Activity”. When people are eating, the rest of the people feel comfortable in that environment. So, if you think you are about to conflict or to fight with someone during the conversation, then sit with that person and offer something to eat. At this time, a bar of simple chocolate can also help to save your relationships.

Forming a Habit

Forming a Habit

Do you ever think how much time it will take to form a habit? Earlier, it was assumed that 21 days are enough to form a habit but according to new psychological research, 66 days is the new days count to build any habit. When people start anything new and they think that after 21 days, they will be habitual but on the 22nd day, they get failed and are disappointed by themselves. As result, they quit their habit. According to research, if you divide the 66 days into three phases in which the starting 22 days, you will feel so disrespectful and uncomfortable. The next 22 days will be very problematic and you will not able to handle that and you will almost want to quit. And in the last 22 days, you will make momentum. After that, the habit will be connected to your mind and the body and come into your routine. Ultimately, you will form a habit.

Call People By Their Name

Call People By Their Name

Psychologists say every person feels so good after listening to his name because the names are very important for everyone. So, when someone keeps your name in their mind, you feel your importance to them. Similarly, you may have noticed that if someone forgets your name, you feel insulted. So, in front of anyone, to make yourself a likable personality, then use the name of the person in the conversation again and again in an appropriate manner. This will make them feel comfortable with you.


Multitasking - Factscoops

Do you think you can do multitasking? According to Neuroscience, our brain can focus on only one thing at a time. Many times, if you are doing more than one work together at the same time, then you may feel that you are doing multitasking but in reality, your brain speedily maintain and shift the focus between the work. We talk while walk because this behavior is like Autopilot mode whereas the tasks that need more focus, the brain can’t work simultaneously. For example, reading books while watching TV. You may feel you are doing both things together but in reality, at one time, your focus is on reading the books, and then focus shifts to watch TV.

Provide A Choice

provide a choice - psychological fact- factscoops

If you want a person should make a decision that is in your favor, then simply give options to them that favor your decision. For example, if a parent wants to say to their kid to study, then instead of saying – “Go and Study”, give options like “Hey Kiddo, it’s time to study. What you will study first, English or Maths?” Then, they choose the subject, they will think they are making the decision on their own and they are under their own control. This trick can be used with anyone. You may notice in restaurants, the waiters use the same trick. They always give all the options to you which they want you to order. At last, you do the same but you feel you have taken that decision but in reality, that decision was taken by your waiter at the start of the conversation. They always want you to select something from a group of things which are available in good amount in their restaurant and it will not take a huge time to make it ready.

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The Power of Sunlight

The Power of Sunlight - psychological facts - factscoops

You may have noticed that after spending a whole day in the office or home, when you go out, then instantly your moods get better. Because sunlight benefits are not limited to the medical field that is good for your bones but in research, it has been found that sunlight can prevents mood disorders like depression too. Vitamin D from the sun acts as a mood stabilizer and releases pleasurable hormones in the brain. It is also concluded that in the countries where there is very little sunlight reach, the depression symptoms are more likely noticeable in them. So, you must take 10 minutes of sunlight on a regular basis which definitely changes your life and if this will be morning sunlight, then it will be better for you.

Mirror Body Language

Mirror Body Language - psychological facts - factscoops

If you start copying the behavior or the body language of a person while talking, then they will form an instant trust with you. The way they talk. they move and if you copy a few of them then you will be their more favorite. They will feel more compatible with you. According to Psychologists, it is known as the “Chameleon Effect”. For example, during a conversation start noticing the people’s words which they are using most and you also start using that words while talking, then they will be identified by you. They will feel you are just like them and they will enjoy your company.

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