5 Proven Eye Health Tips to Prevent Vision Loss

In this blog, I’m gonna share with you 5 proven eye health tips that both improve eye health and prevent eye disease so it’s a good article to read by your eyes and for your eyes. 
These tips are shared by Dr. Joseph Allen. So I want to make this article just to share a couple of eye health tips by him that is actually proven by many doctors and dieticians that actually show benefits for eye health and preventing eye diseases in future –

5. Lower Cholesterol

Started from the bottom of the list is actually to check your cholesterol levels and to decrease your saturated fat consumption. People are hearing in the news but they are not doing anything for their elevated amount of cholesterol and saturated fat. And in the diet, isn’t good for you.

There are many studies that suggest that having a large amount of cholesterol and saturated fat intake is not good for the eyes. It actually increases the development of generation related eye diseases such as Macular Degeneration. Moreover, higher levels of cholesterol in your bloodstream also put up to the other illness like diabetes and high blood pressure, and that actually contributes to the many retinal diseases in the eyes. Not only the diseases like diabetic retinopathy that is responsible for blindness hypertensive retinopathy which comes from high blood pressure which not only can hurt the eyes but with that, actual cholesterol plaque which usually gets released from the taken cholesterol gets stuck in the arteries. Then, it actually spread up in the eye and causes a stroke in the eyes and then the disease called Hollenhorst plaque.


This means reducing the number of foods in your diet that have rising amounts of bad fats, like junk foods or processed meats, also includes high-fat dairy products like milk butter and cheese, could not only be beneficial to your entire body and heart health but also compounded for the eyes by having a decreased body mass index, so watching you eat is a good thing for your eyes.

 4.Increase Omega-3s

Advice No. 4 is for adding good and removing bad fats from the diet. There are some good fats which need to add up in diet plan such as Omega-3 fatty acids. Perhaps you haven’t heard omega-3 fatty acids, these are observed as the good fats that find in some organic food sources namely oily fish like salmon as well as from some vegetable sources including nuts and seeds. According to me, you can actually take an algae-based supplement as an alternative and with that fish oil capsules as a supplement. Now there’s a lot of omega-3 debates going on that how omega-3 fish oils could help with heart health or joint health.


Also neurological brain function there are several recorded findings that indicate that omega-3 fatty acids may assist with dry eye symptoms as well as avoid retinal disease, which is particularly important as clinical trials have repeatedly demonstrated that people who consume a diet with higher levels of omega-3 in them have a lower chance of developing age-related eye diseases such as the macular degeneration.    In fact, as well as people with diabetes, a new study showed that not only did people who had omega-3s higher than their diet and diabetes experience less diabetic retinopathy but people who have acquired it. It wasn’t as serious and people require medication for it reacted well to the therapy there is another great help for having omega-3s in your diet and even if you’re not diabetic there’s plenty of proof there omega-3s are healthy for your eyes as well as your entire body.

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3. Antioxidant-Rich Foods

Advice No. 3 is intended to eat so much of food with high antioxidant levels in them, namely fruits and vegetables, the high levels of powerful antioxidants found in foods such as fruits and vegetables; it always comprises high levels of vitamin C vitamin E zinc zeaxanthin as well as a very powerful eye nutrient called lutein, all of which have been found to be very beneficial for processes in the eyes. To prevent eye diseases and keep your eyes always healthy because we are always staring at all in our world and ensures that the light actually reaches the eye which allows the photoreceptor cells inside the eye lens to switch over and regenerate continuously.

And that requires a very high volume of metabolism and a higher functioning metabolism mechanism causes more concentrations of reactive oxygen species and antioxidants that are generally negative. In addition, there are eye disorders such as macular degeneration where their quality of care for optometrists like mine recommends supplements as it benefits these disorders too much so yes as you probably have learned throughout your treatment to eat fruits and vegetables.


2. Eye Vitamin

Tip No. 2 is considering getting any kind of eye vitamin supplement because you are someone who doesn’t enjoy eating fruits and vegetables and you can’t just consume fried fish or salmon in the stomach. Maybe taking some sort of supplement is the right choice for you and there are lots of different supplements you may buy in the marketplace. If you go to the pharmacy you’ll actually be surprised by the number of choices you have for eye supplements. Typically speaking, you’ll usually find those with the words reds on the side that mean the age-related research of eye disease are all large-scale trials that essentially proved and discovered the advantage of using a multivitamin supplement for diseases like age-related macular degeneration. And if you are never get diagnosed by this disease, then you may not have to worry this much.

But for your eye protection there are many supplements over there to supplement. I as for myself take a daily eye vitamin from any brand that is for general use as supplements that are more formulated to prevent age-related eye diseases simply by increasing what’s called the M pod that stands for optical density of macular pigments. It really is the amount of supporting structure pigmented surface in the backside of the eye and by taking these multivitamin supplements you may increase the quantity of that pigment and that helps to prevent aging eye problems mainly by avoiding damage from high-energy light we get from Sun and digital devices. I personally even now think it’s probably best to try and eat nutritious meals and have all of your food naturally instead of supplements. But I still think that’s a great option for those who are concerned or have a greater risk of retinal or eye condition, but if you’re thinking of taking some kind of vitamin supplement, I want to also mention that you’ll be talking to a healthcare practitioner in your area to ensure it’s appropriate for you.

1.  Quit Smoking

Advice No. 1 to improve eye health in order to avoid eye problems is something that many people will not want to hear and it’s to stop smoking. fIt is because smoking cigarettes and tobacco use, in general, is linked with a higher risk for developing eye diseases such as macular degeneration. Again a debilitating eye disorder this people have in their fifties and even beyond as well as progression for issues like dry eyes uveitis a severe infection inside the eye as well as a condition called thyroid eye disorder.

And whether you’re getting some sort of thyroid symptoms of your own or with your family smoke very much misunderstood thyroid issues. But the truth is it’s really no newsworthy that smoking can cause a lot of trouble in your whole body however it’s a warning actually written on the side of the cigarette box. I know that stopping smoking is one of the most important things you can do I advise you to reach out to a healthcare professional in your area so you can get medicine from them or support programs they can offer to help you quit. And whether you were a friend or a member of your family may require some extra support for how to stop smoking.

So, these are quick 5 Proven Eye Health Tips for Preventing Vision Loss. Even because we take better care in our everyday lives, so will we have to look after our eyes. When we have a good vision today, we do not presume that will be the same in the future too. Follow the advice, forget everything, and eat all that’s good.


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