8 Practical Tips to Improve Your Typing Speed

Want to become super powerful? Or to feel you have something special which normal users don’t have? Then you should focus on your typing speed. And anyone can speed up their typing speed and it will be beneficial for their work for sure. So, in this article, we will discuss the benefits of improving typing speed and with that, we will discuss the 8 practical tips to improve your typing speed so that you will easily become productive.

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You are probably wondering what is the average typing speed? 45 WPM (Words per Minute) is considered an average typing speed. But, if you want to become a professional typist as quoted in Google, then you need to be at least 80 WPM. It doesn’t matter whether you want to become a professional typist or not, but fast typing is really helpful for many other computer work.

Why Bother?

1. It really impresses people.

When you are in any field, no matter you are a software professional or even a doctor and if you are typing very fast, then it will be compliment fo you by your colleagues. And you will always hear things like “hey how you are typing so fast? ” ” from where you have learned such a faster typing.”

2. More Productive at computer

These days everything depends on computers. And if you are doing the things fastly on that and interacting super smoothly with the computers then you will be productive automatically. It’s not just about that you are writing essays, big blogs but little things like browsing and sending messages to friends. Everything will be quicker and you will definitely be more productive.

3. Encourages Creativity

If your mind is thinking fast but your fingers are not, then, your creativity will be waste. Because things come in mind for a sec and if you have not written that then it will all go. And if you have pretty fast speed, then you gonna keep on thinking the stuff and typing that as a pro. No matter it’s an essay or a blog.


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Here are the 8 practical tips to improve your typing speed-

1.Learning Keyboard Shortcuts

Learning keyboards shortcuts can really be a game-changer. It will help you to type fast and also all the other activities which require the use of a keyboard. For example – if you missed a spelling, you usually use the backspace key to clear the alphabets one by one. But you have to delete the complete word so that you can save your time. Press CTRL+Backspace Key and the complete word will be deleted. It is useful than using the traditional backspace key again and again to clear the text. For MAC, you can simply use Option+backspace.

2. Practice on Online Typing Website – 10fastfingers.com

There is a lot of websites available over the web for learning typing. But I personally recommend 10fastfingers.com as I like the layout of this website which is amazing and they provide pretty great sentences for typing. It is considered to be the best typing practice website for measuring your typing speed per minute. With WPM, it also shows the Keystrokes, accuracy Correct words and wrong words count. One of my friend who was typing around 65 WPM 3 months ago, but after practicing on 10fastfingers.com regularly for 10 minutes, he can now type 90-95 wpm.  And that an increase of 40% somewhere.

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3. Practice on Keybr.com

The Keybr is also a typing website like above but with different features. It shows your problem position, how you are making mistakes, and which words are problematic to you. It checks according to the keys and it also shows the WPM and other features like score, gain, and loose as compared to the previous check. But if you don’t have any specific alphabet key problem, then 10fastfingers is better than the keybr.com as it shows the real world like typing style and test.

4. Try to Use Only the Keyboard

If you are working on computers and increase your productivity then it is a very important tip to improve your typing as well as overall digital productivity. Use only the keyboard and keep away the mouse. Suppose you are typing something in MS word or anywhere and you have to open Windows Explorer. Simply press Win Key+E and after that locate the folder you want to browse. The same thing when you need to open a browser to search something for the reference, you have to use a keyboard always and leave the mouse completely.

5. Try to Never Look at the Keyboard

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At the start, everyone starts with slow typing. Then also, you have to avoid looking at the keyboard and try to correct your error without looking at it. This will take a lot of time but if you want to become a typing ninja warrior then you have to start only looking at the screen and not to the keyboard. I also had the slow typing but I never look back to the keyboard and correct mistakes without even looking at it. And yes, that really makes it cool.

6. Return Fingers to Correct Resting Position

So on number 6th, it is necessary for your fingers to return back to its original resting position. ASDF keys for the left hand and the index finger will lie on F Key and JKL; for the right hand in which index fingers will lie on J key. All the keyboards also designed in such a way that users don’t have to look back to the keyboard while typing. You can see a mark to place your index fingers on the F and J keys. So, you just have to return to the resting position as you do in a piano. And it’s easy to reach on the resting position by feeling these indentations on F and J keys.

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7. Try to Make Noise

This one looks quite weird. But don’t get me wrong as this is a must thing which you should really do. Try to make noise and I don’t think it’s a legit tip if you are reading here the stuff for a professional typist but it’s based on research that whenever you are typing loudly, you will tend to have more speed. If we talk about the theory behind this, then it is illogical as any extra force is waste for the total efficiency. But in typing case, it will be fast if you hit the keys harder.

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8. Treat Typing as a Game

So my last tips to improve typing speed is treating this like a game which you have to improve day by day. If you have scored 50 WPM, then go for 60 then 70,80, and so on. You can also change the pinky finger function. Give pinky finger access for shift key and rest you can do with the ring index finger. Like this, you can make your own keys pattern for fast typing. Typing is a skill and it can be improved always.

So, these are my 8 practical tips to improve your typing speed. At the start of the article, I explained the relation of typing with productivity. But productivity is not just banging the keyboard. But productivity equation is useful to output divided by time multiplied by the fun factor. So, what’s your typing speed? Share your results in the comment box below.

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