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Looking for an Amazon ERC number?

The Amazon ERC number is (888) 892-7180.  ERC stands for Employment Resource Center and in Amazon, ERC contact to HR of the company and if someone is looking for some information or needs a job from them, they should directly try to send an email to HR.

Contact Amazon HR

When people apply for a job in Amazon, all hiring process is done over mail and people usually think “How Do I contact Amazon HR?” Since this is over emails, it is very difficult to reach out to Amazon Human Resources. The Amazon HR Number is 00 1 206-922-0880. This number is only for normal employee issues. To contact HR for other purposes like for a business, Amazon HR can be contacted in the following ways:

• If you need a job on Amazon, then you can contact your friend who is already an amazon employee or you can directly contact to the working people. They can refer you to the recruiters.

• Amazon Career Fair is a good option if you are looking for a job and can have a live chat with Amazon HR or recruiters.

Linkedin is quite a decent platform to contact HR.

• If your college has scheduled a campus placement opportunity with Amazon, then you can meet the official Amazon people at that time.

• You can ask the interview questions from the people who are already working with Amazon after clearing all the interview rounds. This can boost your confidence to face the Amazon recruitment interview easily.

• If you are living in the same city in which there is an Amazon office, then there is a big opportunity for you to visit the office and for better job opportunities at Amazon.

Benefits of Amazon ERC

• ERC is Employment Resource Center and Amazon ERC’s contact number is provided to all the employees so that they can clear their doubts. It supports the Amazon HR Department for the employees. So, this is the reason for providing the Amazon ERC number.

• Unlike the fake things written on the web about the Amazon processes, Amazon ERC provides the best timely and accurate information to their employees regarding everything.

• Amazon ERC gives all the hidden details which you cannot find anywhere else. This increases its importance even more.

• As we all know, Amazon is a very big company, so their ERC support is also very vast. The Amazon ERC team has a total of around 2500-3000 employees for support in over 51 countries and more than 20 different languages.

• According to the last updated details, there are around 9 locations worldwide where we can find Amazon Employment Resource Center (ERC) with the number mentioned in the starting of the post.

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Amazon ERC Contact Number Availability

contact - Amazon ERC

• As we mentioned above, the Amazon ERC Number is (888) 892-7180. You can easily contact this number for all your queries related to your Amazon Career.

• The number is not available continuously i.e. you have to wait for your turn. However, the number is multi-call supported but sometimes all the executives are busy.

• Amazon employees can contact Amazon ERC between 9:30-17:30 on working days.

• For normal customers, the Amazon ERC is always available 24/7 via email, calls, live chats. The access with the representative is easy and secured.

Employees Holiday Criteria – Amazon Sick

A holiday is a basic need of all the employees and if anyone is an Amazon employee and want to take the Sick leave then this is the process-

• It depends on the type of vacation needed by the employee, you can directly go to the homepage and then select the UPT option from AtoZ or PTO from the “Leisure” option.

• UPT and PTO are different and can be taken accordingly. For UPT, there is only one hour required time to announce your holiday. But in PTO, you have to announce it one day before the actual leave.

• If taking UPT and PTO, the employees are responsible to manage their own time accordingly.

• PTO is free time given by the company and UTO is Unpaid free time. The employees have to manage it without affecting the actual program.

• In the case of employee sickness, the UPT gets detected from the UTO. Sometimes, there is no balance to maintain between it, then employees can act accordingly so that their paid time of employment is not jeopardized.

• Paid Medical leaves are always available in the case of pandemics.

• But there are some feedbacks from Amazon that the company is not good at paying attention to their employees and is only money Centrix.

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Number of working Amazon employees including Amazon ERC

Amazon employees - ERC

In 2021, Amazon is a very big brand and not only limited to e-commerce. They have required many industries and hence they have a lot of working employees right now as the report given by Amazon ERC.

According to the reports of 2018, there are 575700 employees are working with Amazon. This might be more in 2021 but there is no official count of the employees as of now. There are a lot of vacancies still available with Amazon. You can check the Amazon dedicated website Jobs website for this.

Amazon Contact Number

Amazon ERC and other customer-related contact numbers are usually different for all the countries. Some countries even support IVR calls with toll-free numbers. To contact Amazon’s headquarters which is also a corporate office, the contact number is – (206) 266-1000.

Also if you are an employee or someone with the joining letter, then these contact details also mentioned on that paper.

Final Words for Amazon ERC

The Amazon ERC number is used with the HR Department for discussing all the questions and queries of the Amazon employees. The phone number for Amazon ERC is (888) 892-7180. There is also a customer care number for everyone –  1-888-280-4331.

If you are thinking to join Amazon by looking at its brand value and benefits, then you should be aware of this fact of participation points. If you have less than 6 points in 3 months, you may get fired from the company.


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