Why Good Posture is Important?

Good Posture not only glow our personality but also prevent us from many diseases. This article is all about the benefits of good posture and the ways of getting a right posture.

Why good posture is important?

Hardly, 15-20% of people have the right posture. The body language while sitting, standing and walking is called posture. The posture in which muscles work in a balanced way considered a good posture. It’s important if we are standing then our head, torso, legs should be straight. This will cause no extra pressure on any part of the body. It can be understood in this way also that there are some bricks which are arranged in such a manner of one above another then, it doesn’t need any support. But in case, if the bricks are in a distorted manner, then it requires the support. If shoulder and arms bend forward and hips are more intended in the back or chest is more likely to sew forward, the posture in which the muscles don’t work in the right way. is called a Bad/wrong posture.

When we look at the side view of the body, we usually see three curves. First, behind the neck; the second, area above the waist, and the third in the lower back.

Bad postures

In these 4 postures, the second has not that much movement so there is less problem. But the first and third curve is Cervical spondylosis and this can be the reason for backache. In this way, the backbone in the body also plays an important role. Weight lifting with the movement is also a work of our backbone. This backbone has 24 vertebrae and in between this vertebra, there are called shock absorbers. The weight of our body should go in between the discs but when the weight goes through the sides, then a person experiences pain. But if we focus on the right posture, then these problems can be minimized or prevented.

What is the right posture?

In the Right posture, our muscle’s length is normal. It means the muscles are neither loose nor tight. If someone is continuously sitting with neck bend down, then they can face the neck pain. When muscles become short, then it gets normal by stretching. Many people guess the right posture by comparing it with military posture in which shoulder and neck are pushed backward completely but this is not right. In military posture, a lot of pressure is created near the backbone area. If we take a side view, the front part of the ear, shoulder, hips, and ankle lies in the same symmetry then it is considered as the right posture. And if look at the front view, then the head should be straight, the chin should face the level of the floor and chest face front, the shoulder should be in rested position and the lower stomach should be falt is considered as the right posture.

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Types of Posture

There are basically five types of posture.

  • First, Sway Back posture In this posture, the waist above the legs bends towards the front.
  • Second is Military Posture, in which the shoulders are at the back and chest at the front.
  • Third is Hyperlordosis Posture – Pregnant Women and very obese people have these types of postures. In this posture, the stomach becomes huge and backbends inwards.
  • Fouth is a kyphotic posture in which the upper area of the back becomes visible. This posture is very common in Tubeclosis patients and young boys and girls.
  • Fifth is Scoliosis posture. In this posture, the vertebra bend towards the side instead of being straight and it a very common posture.

Reasons for Wrong Postures

bad posture skeleton

Wrong Postures are due to

  • ankylosis
  • spondylitis
  • distort waist
  • Rickets
  • osteoporosis
  • Polio
  • Native bone problems
  • The problem in Spinal Cord
  • Hereditary issues
  • The habit of bend walking position
  • Working at one place for hours
  • Watching TV with an incorrect way of sitting or lying on the bed
  • Bend head with the shoulder while using long calls.
  • Not taking care of posture while ironing clothes
  • Spine backward movement in pregnancy
  • Body bend with older age

Demerits of Wrong Postures

bad posture skeleton 2

Due to wrong postures, you may face waist or neck pain problems like Cervical Spondylosis. Also, this can cause disc prolapse or other disc problems. It can also cause wear and tear in joints i.e. arthritis, tiredness cause muscles do not work properly, swelling in muscles. Ladies who are working in kitchens can get the waist and neck pain so easily. Also, they can have repeated stress injuries, which means using one body part for a long time can cause a problem in that body part.

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Merits of Right Postures

1. By using the right postures, our backbones all bones joined together and there is no pressure on the ligaments which is responsible for the strength of the bones of the backbone.

2. The right use of muscles can cause less tiredness.

3. Waist and Joints pain chances decrease.

4. A person with the right posture looks good by personality.

What to do to correct your Posture?

For right posture, you have-

Suppleness in muscles.

Normal motion in Joints

Nerves should be good

Balanced muscles power in the backbone

With all these, we should know what is the right posture and which posture we are using. By taking care of the posture and by practice, the wrong posture can be corrected.

What is the right way of walking or standing?

The right way of standing and walking is the same as we discussed above like the head should be straight, the chin should face the level of the floor and chest face front, the shoulder should be in a rested position and the lower stomach should be flat. Don’t bend head and shoulders on the side or back. Don’t walk with shoulders down, ears downside should be in the middle of the shoulder. Knees and back should be straight. Don’t wear heels and feet should be on the floor completely.

Don’t stand on one foot.

Keep the distance between both legs while standing.

First, use heel and then feet for walking on the floor.

Don’t move too much while walking


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