GM Nutrition Products Reviews

GM Nutrition is a California based company started by one and only zero haters Certified Fitness Trainer GURU MANN. He has been in the fitness field for more than 21 years. His only vision is to see India fit in health and he works with the slogan “Mission India Fit”. In this span of time, he experimented with various diet plans and build his physique which can’t be ignored by anyone in the fitness industry. Everyone who is a certified trainer or even a newbie, who just wants to start his career in fitness, follows Guru Mann. With his experience, he understands the authenticity of the products matters more than anything. For this, he has started GM Nutrition in which he provides the best supplementation without any foul play or delicacy.

Other supplements mix unwanted flavors just to increase the serving size. But in GM Nutrition products, you only pay for the ingredients which are mentioned. It doesn’t matter what is your fitness goal, GM Nutrition products will fulfill it claimed by the company as well as Guru Mann on his YouTube videos.

GM Nutrition Dietary Supplement

The authenticity of GM Nutrition

GM nutrition products are available in the United States and India. The manufacturing unit in India is governed and directed directly from the USA, so as not to compromise with the quality of the product. The products of GM Nutrition focuses on quality and these products go under various quality checks at various stages.

GM Nutrition was awarded “EMERGING NUTRITION BRAND OF THE YEAR 2018” by CIMS-Medica at Nutrition & Wellness Awards, 2018.

GM Nutrition Products List

There are many health product categories available in the market and GM Nutrition has manufactured almost all of them by 2020. Here is the list-

    • GM Nutrition Whey Proteins
    • GM Nutrition Multi-Vitamins
    • GM Nutrition Whey HQ Isolate
    • GM Nutrition Fish Oil
    • GM Nutrition BCAA
    • GM Nutrition Fat Burner
    • GM Nutrition CLA
    • Gm Nutrition Digestive Enzymes
    • GM Nutrition Creatine
    • Other products include Immunity Powder, Brain Booster, Flaxseed Oil, Daily Protein, Bone Plus, Carnitine, Arginine, etc.

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GM Nutrition Review

Unlike Muscleblaze, GM Nutrition is a new brand that needs to be reviewed so that people get these genuine products easily. People often search for reviews over the web and they do not get the answer properly. So, here, we are including a few much-needed queries for GM Nutrition products review –

GM Nutrition Whey Protein Review

Whey protein is one of the best choices for a person who is working out in the gym. Whey protein does not guarantee muscle gain and weight gain. Everything depends upon the calorie surplus and calorie deficit. It is a supplement that can only act as an addon.

Types of Whey Protein –

Whey Protein Concentrate

Whey Protein Isolate

Whey protein Hydrolysed.

GM Nutrition provides Whey protein isolate and whey protein blends with digestive enzymes and with concentrate protein. Here we are giving the GM Nutrition Whey HQ isolate review.

Gm Nutrition Why HQ isolate

Firstly, when we talk about the product label. It’s very short and precise with all the information required which is very ideal. And this is the type of supplement that you should be looking for. In one scoop (29 Grams) of GM Nutrition Whey HQ isolate consists of 25g of protein that means 86% of protein. And according to the product claim, it is whey isolate which is true because whenever a supplement contains 80-90% of protein, then it comes under the Whey Isolate category.

So, it is very beneficial for the people who are looking for weight loss and also for them who are looking for pure muscle gain. The carbohydrates and fats present in this product are negligible. Also, it does not contain artificial flavors, soy, gluten, Maltodextrin. These all things making this whey supplement powder raising its standard. Also, on this label, there is a small section of ingredients that really kept away my attention. I cannot believe that with very little ingredients this supplement is prepared. Also, I have used many supplements and reviewed them too and I am glad that I don’t have to use the word “Protein Blend” in the ingredient.

You can find Protein blend on all the famous brands like Optimum Nutrition, Ultimate Nutrition, Muscletech, BSN, etc. Protein Blend consists of all the other things which are not required to be with the protein in our body. Also, sometimes, blends include soy and egg protein. People usually not want these way proteins for soy or egg protein so it’s better to get a whey protein which is purely made from milk. And we need a supplement powder that easily gets digest after a post-workout. This is the positive point for GM Nutrition Whey HQ isolate that it doesn’t have any blend and completely pure.

With this, 5.64g BCAA is also present in this supplement. BCCAs are the most essential amino acids that are Leucine, Iso-Leucine, and Valine. Getting 5.64 g is highly commendable with 11.70g of EAA.  Also, it is certified by various food organizations that make it completely safe and best to take for your fitness goals.


If we talk about the label of Nutrition Facts of GM Nutrition Whey HQ isolate, the serving size one scoop will have 29g of powder in which you will get 25g protein. Also, there will be zero fats and very few carbohydrates.

GM Nutrition Whey HQ isolate costs 2850 for 2 LBS and servings per container are 31. GM Nutrition Multivitamin buy online India exclusively at

GM Nutrition Multi-Vitamins Review

Gm Nutrition Multi Vitamins

Why we need Daily Multi-Vitamins?

Everyone is aware of the fact that protein needed to build muscles. Carbohydrates and fats are the things which most people-focused for their fitness. In supplements, protein powder is the most commonly discussed thing. But there are not only muscles but for the immune system, hair we need Multivitamins. We forget that besides macronutrients, we also need micronutrients i.e Vitamins and Minerals. In our daily life, we are unable to get the required micronutrients. Somehow, one or two or a few nutrients get missed from the diet because, for all, we have to costume a lot of food. It is very difficult to eat all the food to fulfill the need for vitamins and minerals.

Generally, we add supplements when we are unable to get the nutrients from the diet. Multivitamins are necessary for the hair, skin, nail, internal organs pancreas, heart, liver. Generally, people take multivitamins supplements when their doctor suggests due to some deficiency. In today’s lifestyle, it is very necessary to get all the nutrients before any deficiency.  GM Nutrition Daily Multivitamins is a dietary supplement that can be added to the diet for anyone who is working out or not. If you hit hard in the gym, then multivitamins is a plus but if you are not working out, then also it’s very important to take these multivitamins supplements.

GM Nutrition Multi-Vitamins can be taken at any age within 14-80 for both men and women. A green-colored box which makes it different from other GM Nutrition products. And if we talk about the label on the product, there is neither any artificial products nor any sugar used in it. Also, it does not contain yeast, wheat, gluten, fish. It is completely a vegetarian product with a green dot symbol you can find on the product. The product is certified by GMP. GMP is Good Manufacturing Practices. It means the product is manufactured under the guidelines of the FDA. And of course, the product is made in the USA as all the products of GM Nutrition. When we talk about the US-based products, then it means we talk about the high-quality product as all the big countries’ quality cannot be compromised. The things which are written on the label, you can surely get it inside the box.

Supplement Nutritional facts are also available on the box. On the label, you can see all the essential vitamins are 100%. There are a few vitamins that are not 100% because that will be overdose then. For example, the calcium you get from milk, curd, butter and it’s not available 100% in this multivitamin tablet.

GM Nutrition MultiVitamin Supplement Facts

Gm Nutrition Multivitamin costs 799/- and it is a product for 2 months if taken by a single person 1 tablet a day. GM Nutrition Multivitamin buy online India exclusively at

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GM Nutrition Fish Oil Review

GM Nutrition Fish Oil Review

Fish oil consists of Omega 3 and that is necessary for the heart, brain, and skin. There are many people who do not consume fish. Also, there are many people who do not heart-friendly foods like chia seeds, sesame seeds, flax seeds, almonds, walnuts. The reason behind this is the mentality. People think these products are not good for health in summers. In India, there is the majority of the summer season than winters. So, they don’t consume heart and brain-healthy foods. Later on, they develop not only heart disease but also a weakening of memory. So, we add supplements so that we add those nutrients to our body which we are not able to take from food.

So, GM Nutrition launched Fish Oil as a Dietary supplement. If we talk about the label of the product, it’s clearly written that this product is a non-vegetarian product. And if someone has an allergy to the fish, they can’t take this product. This product is also GMP certified. If we talk about the supplements facts, then you have to take one soft gel with dinner regularly. There are 60 servings in one container. One pill has 1000mg fish oil. And it does not contain any artificial flavor, gluten, yeast, and wheat. The main thing in Fish oil pills is Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA) and Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) and which is 180mg and 120mg respectively. The total sum of both is 300mg. There are many other fish oil pills in which their sum is somewhat near 500mg but GM Nutrition makes this product not only for the gym going persons but also for the normal people who don’t do workouts. So, it is very necessary to control the doses.

Fish Oil Supplement Facts

People who need more EPA and DHA can take 2 soft gels a day. But a standard normal quantity involved in 1 soft gel. So, fish oil is good for the brain and heart. But, if you in a caloric deficit, then it will also help you in weight loss and if you are gaining muscles or weight, then also fish oil will be helpful. So, unlike pre and post-workout supplements, this is another GM Nutrition health product which you buy not only for yourself but all your family members can easily consume that.  Fish oil can be taken from ages 14-84 without any problem.

Gm Nutrition Fish oil costs 850/- and it is a product for 2 months if taken by a single person 1 pill a day.

GM Nutrition BCAA Review


BCAA is Branched Chain Amino Acid. GM Nutrition firstly launched its watermelon flavor. But these days, a new flavor is available on their website i.e. Fruits Fusion. BCAA is important for our body because this is an essential amino acid which our body doesn’t produce on their own. We can get these amino acids from food. BCAA is important to take during workouts and no one eats food while working out. So, at that time, drink can be effective. That’s why supplementation is required. The people who have longer workout sessions and do not want to break down their muscles, use BCAA. BCAA prevents muscle breakdown.

In GM Nutrition BCAA, there are no banned products. Also, there is no Maltodextrin which is a sugar that makes BCAA sweet and makes the scoop size big. GM Nutrition all products are authentic and certified by GMP. If we talk about the Nutritional Information label, the scoop size is 7g and BCAA present in it is 6 grams. SO, the availability is 6/7 X 100 = 86% of BCAA in one scoop. There is no addition of fillers. This is a sugar-free product and that’s why there are no Calories, Fat, Cholesterol, Carbohydrates, and Sugar. In Amino profile, L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, and L-Valine are available in 2:1:1 which is good. This is a monthly pack and lasts long a month as serving per container is 30.

Gm Nutrition BCAA-HQ-Label

No other big supplement company provides this much BCAA availability in flavored BCAA. Most companies provide BCAA in between 50-80%. No citric acid is used for flavoring in this product. This is a vegetarian product and can be used in water. As said by Guru Mann, it was tested for 3-4 months, and then it was been launched in the market. Its price is 1599 and 30 servings. Mostly BCAAs are available in the same price range.

These are a few products of GM Nutrition which people searching for reviews. My personal opinion about these products is very simple. After checking their lab test reports, all products are really genuine as said above, and can be taken. It’s a great step by Guru Mann in providing these healthy products in India for his goal of “Mission India Fit”.

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