Amazing Health Benefits of Curry Leaves

Curry leaves are most popular in India and the reason for its outstanding performance is its aroma and great striking taste. It’s usually grown in India. These leaves have a vibrant green color and shaped like a teardrop. Its usual length is around one and a half inches. Due to its shape like leaves of “Neem”, but with a good taste, it often called “Sweet Neem leaves”. It belongs to the citrus family and grows on a curry tree or plant and there are a ton of health benefits of Curry Leaves.

Curry Leaves

Health Benefits of Curry Leaves

People often search for “What are the benefits of eating Curry Leaves?” Well, It’s just a plant leaf that has a great and verified history when considering health.

Curry Leaves plant is a very useful plant and has a number of medicinal uses. It is a must in each garden. The leaves of this plant are a rich source of vitamins. It has Vitamin A, B, C, and B2 which are very useful in combating bacterial infections. Its leaves are also a rich source of Calcium and Iron. The most effective use of the leaves is to help in weight loss. Consuming fresh leaves of Curry Leaves plant with an empty stomach, in the morning in addition to the regular habit of exercise does wonders in reducing excess weight.


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Benefits of curry leaves for weight loss

curry leaves for weight loss

There are a lot of health benefits of curry leaves. The curry leaves consist of antioxidants, anti-carcinogenic, anti-inflammatory, and hepatoprotective. All these things are very good for the body and the health and also protect the liver from damage. The effective use of curry leaves is in reducing constipation and boosts digestion. You can prepare a powder of dried curry leaves and can consume it directly or with buttermilk. It enhances your digestion and reduces the problem of acidity and indigestion. Consuming fresh leaves of the plant, an empty stomach in the morning also helps in boosting the digestive system. Chewing these leaves also helpful to remove the bad toxins from the body. So, in this way, curry leaves help in reducing calories, and finally, you get to succeed a step towards losing weight.

How Curry Leaves Tea benefits in losing weight.

Curry Leaves Tea

As we know, curry leaves have a lot of benefits. So, here comes good news for the people who love tea. The way of preparation of curry leaves tea is pretty simple.
Take a handful of curry leaves and boiled it with 250ml of water.
When the water gets boiled, then strain it and remove the leaves.
For a good taste, it is not advisable to add sugar. But in its replacement, you can use Honey or Lemon.

That’s it. The fat burning weight loss curry leaves tea is ready to show its health benefits.

This is not only a limited Benefit of curry leaves for loss of weight. It’s scientifically proven that curry leaves help in burning bad cholesterol and fat as it contains mahanimbine that lowers the lipid effects. And not just the weight loss, curry leaves also help you to cleanse your body from harmful toxins stored in the body.

Curry Leaves Helpful in Combating Diabetes.

Curry Leaves for Combating Diabetes

Consuming fresh leaves of the plant reduces blood sugar level which is very much useful for diabetic patients. As said earlier the leaves are a source of vitamins. Vitamin A is very useful in enhancing eyesight, thus consuming the leaves of the plants is good in improving eyesight as well. You can apply the paste of the fresh leaves on tender wounds and skin burns. It helps it healing the same and has a soothing effect. And we are aware of this fact, high sugar levels cause weight gain. In this way, Curry leaves help in combating diabetes and has a benefit for weight loss too.

Curry Leaves in Maintaining Eye Health

Curry Leaves for Eyes

Vitamin A is an essential vitamin for our eyes. And deficiency of this cause diseases like Night Blindness, Formation of Cloud, or sometimes complete loss of vision. Curry leaves have a lot of Vitamin A which is good for the eyes and complete the deficiency of Vitamin A in our body.  Also, Vitamin A in curry leaves consists of carotenoids which reduce the risk of cornea damage.

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Benefits of Curry Leaves for Hair

Black hair by Curry Leaves

Curry Leaves are also used in reducing hair loss. Boil few fresh leaves in water and massaging your head with the solution thus prepared helps in combating hair loss and reduces the problem of dandruff as well. Regularly massaging the scalp with this solution makes the hair strong and glossy. Now here are the details of the benefits of curry leaves for hair.

It Stimulates the growth of the Hair –

No matter whether it’s a boy or a girl. Hair Fall is a serious issue nowadays for everyone and it’s really very annoying. As Curry Leaves has protein and protein is always known good for the hair and also protein is helpful to make you fit and healthy. Curry Leaves also have Beta-carotene and a lot of amino acids which are helpful for reducing hair loss and provide strength to the hair. It also treats thin hair and makes the head looks better.

Way to use –
Make a mixture of dry curry leaves, onion juice, and castor oil. Apply the mixture on hair and rinse after 15 minutes. Use of shampoo or only water is upon your choice and this can be repeated once or twice in a week for perfect results.

Hair Growth by Curry leaves

Prevent and rescue the greying of hair

If you are under 40 and have gray hair, then it’s possible that you may take a lot of tension or have some deficiency in the body. Curry leaves have been using for a long time in curing the premature greying of hair. As said above,  Curry leaves consist of antioxidants and Vitamin B complex which has the power to turn grey hair back to its natural color. Also, the leaves have various minerals like iodine, zinc, iron which helps in restoring the natural pigment of the hair.

coconut oil - Factscoops

Way to use-
You can directly eat the curry leaves or mix them with coconut oil. For the preparation of oil, heat the oil and add curry leaves to it and heat for 10 minutes. Now massage with the oil and leave it overnight and wash hair in the morning.

Good for the Scalp –

It doesn’t matter whether you have an itchy scalp due to dandruff or bacterial infections, curry leaves are the only solution. Due to the property of antifungal and antibacterial of curry leaves, it helps you to solve all your scalp problems by using it twice a week. The curry leaves remove the dead skin from the scalp and reduce the itching and irritation.

Way to use-
You can either make a hair mask with it or make juice of curry leaves. For curry leaves juice, blend the wet curry leaves and strain it for getting the juice. Pour it on the scalp before shampoo. For the hair mask, curry leaves can be mixed with the yogurt.

4 Ways to use Curry leaves in Cooking

Curry Leaves for cooking

Saute in Olive Oil or Clarified Butter – 
To get the best flavor of Curry leaves, it can be sauteed in clarified butter and if you are health freak, then you can use olive oil too. For best taste, high heat is required. Saute for 5 minutes and leaves will be ready to be added or to garnish any dish.

Mixed with Other Ingredients –
This is another famous method to use Curry leaves in the meal. This is prepared as the base by including other spices like mustard seeds, cumin seeds. All these things sauteed together on a high flame. And, other spices and items can also be added while mixing it on high heat. After that, the mixture can be poured into any dish.

Make Curry Leaves Dry-
Dry Curry leaves by keeping that in sunlight for 3-5 days. For flavoring any dish, crumble the curry leaves over the dish. And it can be kept for a year in an airtight bag/jar.

Make Flavor Oil by Curry Leaves-
Again the process of sauteing using butter or oil and then remove the leaves. And, you will have the flavored oil ready to be mix with any dish.

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Difference between Curry Leaves and Curry Powder

Curry Powder

People often get confused between Curry leaves and Curry Powder. These are totally different things. Curry Leaves are the herbs that are grown in the plant or tree whereas Curry powder is a mixed spice made up of coriander, cumin, turmeric, and cayenne. The second big difference between these two is the origination. The Curry leaves mostly originated from Southern India and Sri Lanks whereas Curry Powder was invented by Britishers to spice up the taste and to bring the flavor in Indian dishes. But, if you are looking for benefits of curry powder, then it goes along with the curry leaves and have same benefits.

How to Grow Curry Plant at Home.

It requires full sunlight. 6-8 hrs of full sunlight is useful for the proper growth of foliage. So it is advisable to keep the plant is a proper sunny area for adequate growth of the leaves. And for the potting mix, it requires a moisture-holding potting mix that can be prepared by reducing the amount of sand and adding kitchen waste or dry leaves manure. The potting mix thus prepared is the best for the growth of Curry Leaves.

Curry Leaves Plant at Home

The plant requires regular pruning at intervals so that there are multiple branches growing. Pruning also makes the plant look bushy and healthy. As we know, Nitrogen is a vital element in was the growth of leaves. Thus Curry Leaves plant requires a Nitrogen-rich fertilizer. You can feed vermicompost/ rice water as nitrogen-rich fertilizers or you can simply go and buy fertilizers from the supermarket. These enhance the growth of the plant and boosts foliage.

Curry Leaves plant cannot withstand too cold climate hence winter season is the one in which the plant demands the utmost care. It is advised to keep the plant in a sunny area during winters so that plant gets the warmth required for it to sustain the cold conditions. From the onset of spring season till summers, curry leaves plant gives beautiful small white color flowers that have a unique fragrance too. These flowers produce white color fruits which on attaining maturity turn black in color.

flower of curry leaf plant

On removing the outer surface of the fruits, you will get small blank color seeds. You can easily grow Curry leaves the plant through those seeds. The plant can be easily propagated through cuttings but you can grow a number of plants through seeds. If you have curry leaves plant in your garden, on maturity it produces a number of seeds that keep on falling in the pot, and thus the plant produces many baby plants.

Few Side Effects of Curry Leaves

Side Effects of Curry Leaves

Curry Leaves treated as the best thing for medicinal purpose but it also has a few side effects if not taken it correctly. As everything comes with a limit and we have to follow that. Just like curry leaves for few people cause allergic reactions to their bodies. If someone is allergic to pollen and plants or has asthma, then it is not advisable to take the curry leaves. Eating of small pods of curry leaves can be poisonous as per some scientific research. Also, the use of curry leaves with the oil on the hair also not to be considered for a long period. For that, you should have to stop the oiling and then starts again after a short break.
These are just a few side effects of curry leaves which are always considered as negligible when compared with the amazing health benefits of the Curry Leaves.


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