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Curious to know about the name of the HP Lovecraft Cat Name? The HP Lovecraft cat name was “Nigger Man”. Howard Philips Lovecraft (August 20, 1980 – March 15, 1937) was a fiction writer. He wrote many great books – The Call of Cthulhu, Dagon, The Shadow out of Time, The Outsider, etc. HP Lovecraft had a cat till 1904 which he named Nigger Man. The reason behind HP Lovecraft’s cat name was Howard’s thinking. As he only thinks about weird and horror fiction so his cat name is also like some weird but famous one. So, this post is all about the weird HP Lovecraft Cat Name.

HP Lovecraft’s Cat Name – Background of Howard Philips

HP Lovecraft

HP Lovecraft always loves the genre of weird, horror, fantasy. So, the story of the books written by him always has the freshness and the way he wrote, many people thought that the HP Lovecraft had some mental issues. But in reality, his writing was always be praised and still has a great effect on pop art. 

Being a racist man is quite common at that time also and HP Lovecraft was also a racist man. And he liked the English men a lot and especially the English origin people. 

He was very active in religious groups. He always had supported Hispanics and Jews. However, his own writing on groups is Irish Catholics, German immigrants, and African-Americans. But, the writings were never been positive, only taken for the bad references. 

HP Lovecraft Cat’s Name – Origin and History

HP Quote

Till now, you might get to know about the name of HP Lovecraft cat. As, this is very famous in internet memes, so it is quite common these days that people still ask the same question. But, what about its history? How and Why he named Nigger Man to his cat? Was he really suffering from mental problems? Let’s get to know about it. 

HP Lovecraft had this cat in his childhood when he was 5 years old. It was given to him by his parents. There is no proof exist that the cat was living there before his birth or introduced to his life later. The name of the cat was something more ridiculous and he always wanted to rename it with some bad and weird names. When he was 9 years old, he named his cat and when he becomes a kid of 14 years, he finally owns that cat completely. He never owned any pet other than that cat. That was the time when he lost his cat somewhere and that makes HP Lovecraft a sad man, a sufferer. So, the origin of the HP Lovecraft Cat’s Name was simple and due to his racist behavior. 

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Memes of the HP Lovecraft Cat

In this century, memes are very popular and can make anything viral over the internet very effectively. In the same way, HP Lovecraft’s cat also got famous among the people. But everything comes with a history report.  In 2018, it was June, 12th,  a Tumblr user “Sandinlungs-blog” commented on the image of HP Lovecraft in which he had held a cat of his friend. Later, one more user “robloxgf,” asked a query about the name of the cat on that image. Then suddenly the post got famous and reposted many times with 214800 likes and the blog repost again in 2 years.  But on June 18, KnowYourMeme user shared the screenshot of the post and it explodes on the internet with a lot of views. 


Later on, many people started taking interest in HP Lovecraft Cat’s name as well as in his life. After that, in July 2018, Redditor Asian had given exclusive information about the HP Lovecraft Cat name and all the life of Howard. Later in Nov, people start using the name of the cat for their funny purposes. 

In December 2018 a user named “wimpy-kid” posted some information about the cats through a panel that also gets some likes. Later, at the end of Jan 2019, a webcomic artist posted it on tweeter and gained many retweets.

FAQs About HP Lovecraft Cat
After reading this whole story above about the HP Lovecraft Cat’s Name and the life of that person, you might have a few questions. Some of them mentioned below. In case, you want some more information about it, do comments below.

What was the number of cats HP Lovecraft had?

He was fond of having cats. But in reality, he had only one own cat. Though, he was very active in playing with his friends and relatives’ pets also.

Which was HP Lovecraft’s first weird book?

HP Lovecraft’s first book was released in 1928 and created a history. The book’s name is “The Call of Cthulhu”. In this book, Howard demonstrated his fear of the outside world.

Was HP Lovecraft married?

Yes, he had married 7 years younger lady from his age. Her name was Sonia. And as per reports, he did not have any children.

Final Words for HP Lovecraft Cat

HP Lovecraft was a racist man and due to his nature he named his cat “Nigger Man”. The nigger means black and his cat color was also black. His cat is famous in the memes world and has a history too.


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