Matching Exercise Intensity With Health Goals

Hello Guys. I don’t believe there’s such a large number of that would ask the question for a beneficial exercise program. However, I have seen many patients who have injuries related to muscles and bones are basically due to the error of their exercise and fitness trainer. Also with that, even with good motives, oftentimes our exercise strength power doesn’t generally coordinate with our aim for good health. Maintaining good health is the dream for every individual, some achieve it, but few of the people just only dream of it and never gets try to start. This article is not about the people who are not working out to maintain their health but very helpful for those people who have the madness for fitness and exercise. They mostly spend their time by doing various exercises to keep fit.


Wrong Perspective

From a professional athlete to a beginner of a new exercise program in a gym, everyone falls in the trap and then think, the more they will go hard with the exercise intensity, the more they will achieve. But unfortunately, things don’t come up that way. Because it is not the correct way. Somehow, somewhere more intensity of the workout will make you more muscular but everything happens for a reason and all the things come with their own terms and conditions.  This can be a very long article but I will keep things to short and clear for the proper understanding. So we should start now.

What happens when we put exercise stress on Body?

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Firstly, when our body goes into fight or-rest mode our body produces pressure hormones like cortisol and adrenaline, glucose is released into the circulation system, and our blood pressure gets increases – all to prepare us however to, well… fight or rest – to escape. And we have seen this type of stress are proven to be helpful in small amounts. However, if we add all the other stresses of the day like the office job stress and other household things, then it will start making our body down and then after some more stress of the exercise, things like fatigue, unnecessary inflammation, and also weight gain problems happened. It’s also really important to remember that our body, physiologically speaking, doesn’t know the difference between hard exercise good stress and bad stress, like an upcoming deadline of work-time. And with the amount of stress that we already get every day, it’s very important that with the strength of our workouts we don’t work against ourselves.

Aerobic vs anaerobic training

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So aerobic exercise means we exercise with oxygen and are capable of burning fat. Now, this is a level of intensity, a level of relatively low intensity like walking or an easy run or really any easy exercise where we would ideally spend 80 percent of our time doing exercise. Anaerobic exercise means we train without oxygen, so more difficult training, But we just can burn sugar. And as we said earlier, this can be beneficial for this type of training but ideally only about 20 percent of the time it takes for our body to recover properly. That’s where some of you may have heard about the 80/20 rule and that’s where it really comes from. If you are not aware of the universal 80/20 rule, then comment below. I will write another article on this topic. So you can imagine that if someone is stressed out of work, they’re stressed out of things that can happen at home, but then they can also add up too often to the stress of high-intensity exercise, it can lead to some problems.

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Black Hole Training

And black hole training means that we always practice that little bit too hard to make the most of our aerobic training, which is also getting in the way of enabling us to recover from this occasional anaerobic workout. So we keep hoping that information gives you some insight as to why you might want to look a little deeper into your intensity of training, but let’s look at some ways you can track your intensity of training. And probably the easiest way to do that would be heart rate and to do that you wouldn’t need a fancy heart rate monitor, you can still just use your hand on your pulse. And hopefully, we maintain our blood pressure under 180minus your age for aerobic workouts. The second method we do that is by using variation in blood pressure and we’ve written about HRV in the context so it’s a very useful indicator for measuring the recovery. Now here’s finally an image of Mark Sisson. He’s the founder of ‘Primal Fitness’ talks to fitness athletes a little bit about the strength of exercise. What he said in a little interview –


How will you say the fourth or fifth wounded competitor who is working as much as they can?

You know they never want a day of training to miss out on.

What about maybe the asymmetry with that approach that you see a problem?

I mean, the first rule of training is to get stronger, not go out and train every day, and one of the problems with endurance athletes is that the more miles you put in the faster you ‘re going to be, the more efficient your running economy will be, the better you ‘re going to burn fat, and that’s not exactly how it works.


Yes, there’s a stress element that needs to be incorporated into your program but not every day. And if you don’t allow the body to rest after a workout and recover, You ‘re going to continue down the path of inflammation and injury and that is exactly the opposite of what you’re trying to do. And that’s why you have heard about why sleeping for 8 hours is a must if anybody is working so hard. You are trying to create a better, quicker, leaner body and it requires an innate equilibrium, a sense of when to exercise, and when to relax. As always should you have any thoughts or questions, we would love to hear you back by the comments below.


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