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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

Hey Folks!! Do you know PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, the popular game everyone is playing on their mobile phones? Yes, you know it! But if you don’t then you must give it a try as soon as you finish reading this blog because the game is a real sensation and offers amazing graphics and sounds effects.


The game was developed and published by PUBG Corporation, a subsidiary of a South Korean video game company named Bluehole. It was designed by Brendan Greene being inspired by the 2000 Japanese film Battle Royale. It was first developed for PC only but the Korean developer partnered with the Chinese Giant game developing company, Tencent.

Tencent didn’t disappointed Koreans and built the mobile versions of the game and released it on major markets. So the game became available on Apple App Store and on Google Play. Launching the game on both platforms was a real benefit as the game enticed youth in a jiffy and became an instant hit all over the world.


PUBG Chicken Dinner

The game allows up to a hundred players to parachute onto an island and eject at different spots as per their will, scavenge for weapons and equipment when they land and kill others. The last player or team standing wins the game or as per PUBG mobile terminology, gets a WWCD or winner chicken dinner.

The game provides options to play solo, duo, or with a small team (squad) of four people. You can even make your own squad of 4 before entering the game and play together communicating with each other for better synergy or you can even play with random players too. Usually, the game goes for about half an hour if you survive till last but there are some quick match options such as Team deathmatch /Arcade-war/ Arcade-sniper training, etc which gets completed within 10 minutes timeline.

Gameplay- Explanation

Every match begins with players parachuting on one of the five maps from a helicopter, namely Erangel, Sanhok, Vikendi, Miramar, and Livik (recently added in version 0.19). Teams decide the right time they need to jump and dive to the sea, depending on which area of the island they want to land so they can last until the end. Players start without gear and once they land they can look for guns, cars, armor, and other items in homes, huts, ghost towns, and other locations. At the start of a match, these objects are spread procedurally across the world, with some high-risk areas usually better prepared. Players killed can also be stolen to obtain their clothes. Players will choose to play either from the viewpoint of first person or third person, both with their own advantages and drawbacks in combat. The map’s playing region starts to diminish into a random spot, with any player trapped outside the safe area gradually suffering damage, and finally being removed if the safe zone is not reached in time. This in effect leads to a more constrained map which increases the chances of encounters.

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There are even more exciting goodies such as Red zones, Airdrop, and revival. Basically, Random regions of the map get highlighted in Red and bombed posing threat to the players who are present in that area. So, if you are in the Red zoned area, you need to relocate to safety, mate!

An Airdrop comes with a loot package containing weapons and armor which are not available usually during normal gameplay. It comes to the location wherever a player uses a flare gun.A small tip just for the readers- If you are carrying a flare gun, then fire it inside the zone only, otherwise, you will get a tank-like vehicle, not the top-level armor and weapons.

Revival is another twist that lets your teammates give you a second chance of being in the game even if your health goes to zero. After you get knocked down by your enemies, then the game gives a small timeline to your teammates to revive you, basically get you to your knees again just by your teammates’ touch just like Ahilya’s redemption. I hope you get it as this analogy was from Ramayana!!

Esports and Career

PUBG - Esports and Career

You would be excited to know that if you feel confident about your gameplay and strategies, you can even make a career out of this game and become a professional PUBG- Esport player and represent your country at a global level. It was already a popular career abroad but in India, parents visualized it as “too addicting and violent” and an unnecessary distraction during exam season. It was even banned in Gujarat for the same reason that it was harmful to children and teenagers

But now the scenario has been changed, Kudos to some brave players and Youtube streamers like Mortal aka Naman and Scout aka Tanmay, who have inspired many players to opt this game as their career and make their family and country proud. This game not only provides career options to the players but also widens up employment opportunities for casters and analysts. Many tournaments hosted by PUBG Corporation like PUBG global champion, PUBG fall split, PUBG Mobil India Series(PMIS) are already completed and many more are yet to come.

PUBG Ban in India & its alternatives

The Government of India has blocked 59 Chinese smartphone apps, including top social media sites such as TikTok, WeChat, and Helo, to combat the danger posed by such apps to the sovereignty and protection of the country. ‘A few online reports say that PUBG is also under Indian government scanner over national security and user privacy issues.

To counter this threat, Battle Royal has updated its privacy policy for users in India. This step is seen as a precautionary measure to prevent the game from being banned in the country. So, for now, there is a minimal possibility of the game getting banned. But in case the game gets banned in India, the gamers need not worry as there are some alternatives available namely FreeFire, Fortnite, and Call of Duty: Mobile.

Sales and Competition

Sales and Competition - PUBG

PUBG was the top-selling premium game for two consecutive years in 2017 and 2018 with nearly 300 million downloads worldwide in 2018.  The game’s largest market was China, which accounted for 29% of the game’s downloads, followed by India and the United States each with about 10% (30 million) of its downloads.

The corporation even celebrated 600 million downloads worldwide in 2019 but the mobile version of the game has seen some tough competition from the recently launched assault mobile game, Free Fire, which is a very similar game but is a 50-player battle royale game instead of 100 in PUBG Mobile. This makes matches shorter, lasting about 10 minutes compared to 20-30 minutes on maps like Erangel or Miramar in PUBG.

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If you like to play assault games full of thrill and adventure then this is the game to go for as this game offers amazing graphics and sound effects. The only disadvantage is the game demands a lot of processing power.  The maps in PUBG Mobile are huge along with many objects, and sometimes a device just cannot handle all those details and start lagging. This not only diminishes your playing experience in the game but also get you killed by other players.

But when compared with other similar genres of games, this game comes out to be at the top in terms of engagement, graphics, sound effects. It encourages players to continue with their adventure, allows them to connect with other players, engages them with rewards, and challenges them with tournaments!

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