How to Fix Sorry No Manipulations with Clipboard Allowed?

Clipboard is an integrated part of any operating system. No matter you are using windows, mac, or Android. The main function of the clipboard is to store the information which we copy from somewhere and about to paste it to another location. Cut, copy, paste is always a useful feature any OS can get. This makes our work very easy and also saves time.

This feature also has some addons which come with various browser extensions and sometimes in the form of laptop or pc software which allows us to copy more than one data in a while. From copy and paste the text from one place to another to the clipboard also helps to move or copy-paste our files too independent of the file size.

Windows OS users hardly find any issues with their clipboard service. But in the case of MAC users, may face an error sometimes which is “FIX SORRY, NO MANIPULATIONS WITH CLIPBOARD”.

When such an error occurs, then Mac users think why they are using mac when copying pasting is not easy and giving errors for no manipulations with the clipboard. But, they should know that these are common errors and can come anytime. These are so simple, that can easily be resolved with some troubleshooting.

So, here In this blog, we will discuss How to get rid of Sorry, No Manipulations with Clipboard in mac? Also, we will get to know, is there any actual reason behind this error and how much time it will take to get resolved. So, be ready to start reading.

 Why Mac Users Face “Sorry No Manipulations with Clipboard Allowed”?

Why Mac Users Face this error

 When it comes to MAC OS, we know it is very less buggy than the windows os. But, being owned by Apple Corp, there are very few chances of any error in small things. But, this error usually comes up when the mac is filled with many dispensable items and sometimes, there is too much load on the processes of the mac. Unlike the temp and prefetch option in windows, the mac doesn’t have an option to clear the cache of the files. But it has the caches folder in the Library. So, cleaning should be done from time to time is necessary and also closing of ads loaded websites are equally important.

To get rid of cache and other temporary files, you can even use MacKeeper to keep your mac free from malware (we know, mac gets no malware like windows). But, this tool is really gonna help to clean the junk you may have created in your mac.

In a few cases, the things are so simple that does not need any of these things to get rid of error – Sorry, No Manipulation with clipboard allowed and the reason is being simple i.e. use of third-party apps in your mac.

 Why Clipboard is so important?

 As said above, copy-paste is the most important part of any OS and it doesn’t matter what thing you are doing. If you are doing some stuff over the web, then you have to copy the things from your mac to the browser and that’s the time when you require the help of a clipboard. Also, when you need to copy some files to move to another place or to give to any other person by using flash USB media, then it requires the help of a clipboard.

The things which are typical to type i.e. serial numbers and complex texts. That is the time when you require the function of copy-paste. And you feel your world is devasted if your clipboard stops functioning and starts giving you the error of sorry no manipulations with clipboard allowed. But there are a few ways to fix this error.

 Some Interesting Ways to Fix Error – Sorry, No Manipulations with clipboard allowed.

 1.       Delete any new app which you have installed just before facing this error.

2.       Restart your Mac OS.

3.       Access the clipboard from Explorer.

4.       Using Activity Monitor

5.       Using Terminal

6.       Update your mac

7.       Access Clipboard through Internet.

8.       Use of Third-Party Apps

Sometimes, the problem is not much serious and is caused due to the newly installed app which might have some malware issues to block the clipboard. You can simply uninstall/delete that app to fix the error. And If not, there are other ways described below-

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 Restarting Your MAC OS

 It may happen many times with you when you are in the middle of something and suddenly, you faced some problems with your mobile phone or the PC/Laptop. You simply restart it and the problem just gets away. Just like that, here to resolve the “Sorry, No Manipulations with clipboard allowed” error, the easiest way is to restart your mac os.

Restart the MAC OS - Factscoops

The reason behind this is that the cached files which are running at the time of error get closed after the restart.

Restarting MAC is very simple, you just head to the top left corner where you can see the Apple Logo. Click on it, a drop-down menu will appear. Then, simply click on the Restart option to restart your device. As said, sometimes it is a boon for your life but sometimes it requires some more mind and effort.


Access the Clipboard from Explorer

 An explorer is a program in which every process runs. Below are the steps to use clipboard from Explorer –

 1.       Open Explorer and then select the “Menu” tab.

2.       Now, select internet options -> security options

3.       A button comes up on the screen.

4.       Now, find out the scripting category.

5.       Then allow it and finalize it by selecting enable button.

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Using Activity Monitor

 This is another way to fix sorry no manipulations with clipboard allowed by using Activity Monitor. Activity monitor shows all the app activities which are running on your mac and is beneficial for keeping an eye on every process. When restarting your mac to fix the error that doesn’t work then you must have to look for the activity monitor.

It can be the best method to solve your copy-paste issue. To use this, firstly, you must have to quit all the programs where your clipboard is not working or the applications where you are getting errors – “Sorry, no manipulations allowed”.

1.       Go to Finder and then to the applications.

2.       In the application, you can find Activity Monitor in Utilities. (If you don’t find utilities, then go to next page of the apps list.)

Basically, our task is to Force Close the pboard process from Activity Monitor. For that, follow these steps –

1.       On the activity monitor screen, use the top right corner search bar.

2.      Click on it and type “pboard” without quotations.

pboard - activity monitor

3.       Click on the pboard process on your screen.

4.       And then click on the quit.

5.       Close the activity monitor and try to check your clipboard function should start functioning by now.

Fix Sorry No Manipulations with clipboard allowed through Terminal

The terminal is quite a common thing to use in MAC. Alike CMD with little fewer features in Windows, the terminal comes up with the ability to do almost anything in MAC OS.

Before doing anything in the terminal, you must have to close all your apps which are giving copy-paste error and then follow the below steps-

1.       From Finder, Go to Applications-> Utilities-> Terminal

2.       In a terminal type “kill all board” without quotes.

3.       Press enter key.

4.       Now close the Terminal and check whether your error gets resolved or not.


Checking for Updates

update-mac - factscoops

No matter what OS you are using and how much care you do. Sometimes, the problem is the corrupted OS files that stop you to do your work. This can be easily solved by updating your OS by doing software updates.

In MAC, you can easily check for the updates by using the below steps –

1.       Click on the top right corner of Apple Icon.

2.       When you click on the icon, you will get a drop-down menu.

3.       You have to click on “About this Mac”

4.       Then you will be able to see the software update option. You just have to select that.

5.       To simply download the updates, you have to click the update now option. Then, in this process, your mac may restart several times. But, it is a normal thing while updating OS.

6.       Check for your issues are now resolved or not after this process.


Access Clipboard Through Internet

 To surf the internet, Google chrome is quite a common application these days. And also a process to access the clipboard for our general copy-paste process.

Follow these steps to access the clipboard using Google Chrome –

1.       Go to chrome://flags and search for clipboard by using the search bar.

2.       Open chrome settings by using 3 dots present at the right top corner.

3.       Now, use the comfort Clipboard Pro.

4.       You should be aware that your antivirus is running without any problem.

5.       Enable the flight mode for Bluetooth.

6.       Now, check for Webroot security settings and then run rdpclip.exe.

This will run the process of clipboard through the Internet and you can continue your copy-paste work without any problem.


Fix Sorry No Manipulations with clipboard allowed by using Third-Party Apps.

When we talk about third-party apps, then CleanMyMac X is the most efficient and best app to solve this issue as well as it helps to increase mac performance.

This app scans the corrupted files, malware blocking processes, and any broken codes which are usually responsible for these types of problems in mac os. As discussed earlier, that clipboard problem also comes with a cache problem. So, CleanMyMac also clears the cache and has the option to update your all apps and OS.


How to use Copy-Paste on Mac after Fixing “Sorry No Manipulations allowed”

MAC Keyboard - Factscoops

Just like the windows os, the copy-paste can be done both by the mouse and the keyboard.  To use the feature with keyboard, follow the following steps –

1.       In Mac, to copy anything, use Command + C, and to paste anything, use Command + V.

2.       For text, you must have to select the text which you want to copy and then press Command + C. Now open the document or the location where you have to paste it. Do it with Command + V.

To use this feature with the mouse, follow the steps –

1.       You have to select the text by left-clicking and dragging the mouse cursor over the text.

2.       Now right-click on it, a drop-down menu will come, and then select “copy” from the menu.

3.       Now open the document or the location where you want to paste it. DO a right-click and select Paste from the drop-down menu.

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Final Words 

Using mac is sometimes a headache for you if you are coming from a windows system. This is my personal experience. I’m quite handy with the Windows OS and can do anything on it. But when it comes to the MAC OS, it sometimes gives errors that are hard to understand. Fix Sorry, No manipulations with clipboard allowed is one of those errors which seems small but create a lot of problems as we are directly connected to the copy-paste thing for many purposes.

 In this blog, we have discussed all the possible methods to solve the issue so that your work will never get a stoppage due to this clipboard error. And, if you guys still have some questions, please use the comment section of the blog. It is free to ask 😀



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