Steps for the Successful and Good Presentation

Be it a business environment or a college curriculum, presentation forms an integral part of the process. I remember we were offered an assignment to prepare a good presentation so that we could be graded on that. Even in these changing times when the world is becoming so prone to the use of technology and artificial intelligence, it is important that we keep ourselves updated with the changing times.

 Presentation is the process of presenting your work or plan of action in words as well as with the help of images. Good presentation skills mean that your audience should engage in your work. Even it has been well recognized by certain effective presenters, that communication is both emotional and intellectual. Therefore one requires good presentation skills to make a presentation effective:


Planning for presentation Factscoops

Before you go on to give your presentation, you must remember that your plan of action should be clear in your mind. Know the topic and decide how to go about it. For instance, if you are working on some college assignment as your presentation then you must decide what points to include and how close you are to the topic. If you are working in a group then you must allot different works to different participants so as to avoid mismatch of points as well as enable working in a coordinated manner. Similarly, when you are about to present in an office environment, you must chalk out your plan effectively. When you are planning for your presentation you must keep in mind certain points that would definitely help you in your presentation:

  • What is the purpose of your presentation?
  • What is the type of audience you are going to engage with?
  • What impression do you want to leave on your target audience?
  • Where are you presenting?
  • How long will your presentation last?


Preparation for Presentation

This is the stage when you start working on your presentation. You gather points, arrange them in an effective manner and make them ready to be presented. Research your topic thoroughly, tracing all the points in and out, so that if you are questioned on any point, you are able to answer it effortlessly. The introduction, main body, and conclusion would also help you in your presentation therefore properly chalk out these things beforehand. Your introduction must immediately grab your audience’s attention, your main body should highlight the important aspects of your topic as well as certain facts and figures while your conclusion must sum up all your arguments.



Before you give the final presentation, practice it in front of a mirror or make a video of your practice session. This would help you figure out the errors as well as boost your confidence. Practice again and again because it is rightly said that practice makes a man perfect. You may also use certain audio-visual aids to achieve the purpose. See giving a presentation is not as easy as writing an essay wherein you may just jot down your points and use certain tricks that provide you essay writing help. The presentation has to be done on your own thus huge level of confidence and constant motivation throughout the process is required. Your confidence may dwindle in front of a huge audience and if you go with practice then you will not falter or have any fear of doing do and you will be able to effectively engage a large audience.



Now comes the D-day. You need to deliver your presentation to the audience. Therefore, the first thing you must do is dress up formally. It should appear that you are in a formal environment and not just delivering some speech. Also, proper dressing sense has already accomplished half of your task of engaging the audience. Then start in a strong and confident manner. Introduce yourself, your purpose of the day and what are you trying to achieve by the presentation. Your confidence level will be noticed by your body language thus stay comfortable and don’t forget to make eye contact with the audience- that engages them even more. Your presentation should not look like you are just reading out from somewhere and are unwilling to present. Voice modulation and the use of stress and intonation in your speech pattern would accomplish the purpose more effectively. Emphasize important aspects so that the audience knows that these are the points to be noted. Note that your presentation must try to involve the audience as well. As you progress make it more conversational. Include some questions for the audience too so that they can be engaged. Also, answer their questions in a humble manner. Don’t ignore any questions. If at all you don’t know the answer, tell them that you will hunt for it, although this should not be the case. You should come prepared with well-researched points as stated in Step 2. Thus overall you involve the audience in your presentation.


End by thanking all to have listened to you patiently and to give their valuable time to recognize your efforts. Greet in a humble manner and then be ready for responses and criticisms.

Thus these are a few keys for a successful presentation. Good presentation skills are more internal than external. If you have that flair, these points will help you polish it, if you don’t then these points will help you make a good start and provide you assignment help as well in case you are working for the first time. Keep these points in your mind and give a start to your presentation.

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