The Protector Season 5: Release Date, Plot, Cast

Everyone who loved this show is waiting eagerly for the Netflix show The Protector Season 5 to release. Those who are unaware of this show here is a little brief. This show starts on Netflix on December 14, 2018.

Being a Turkish Sci-fi drama fantasy series, people loved this web series a lot and within a very short span of time, The Protector was renewed for 2nd, 3rd and 4th seasons. After the end of the 4th season and season 5 renewal gets late, fans started assuming fate for Season 5.

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So these are things we know about The protector Season 5 so far –

The Protector Season 4: PLOT

The story of “The Protector” revolves around Çağatay Ulusoy’s Hakan who is a young shopkeeper. And living his life normally but within a short span of time, his life gets changed and he faces the hidden truths of his life. The ground beneath his feet slips away when he came to know about a secret, an ancient order kind of thing. According to that fact, he was destined to protect Istanbul that makes his life more interesting than earlier when he was working in a shop.

The lead role actor is Hakan and he is not like everyone. He is just a competitor who thinks life can easily be lived with the shopkeeping. In a population of 15 million people, Hakan is one of them in the capital of Turkey, Istanbul. Turkey always considers rich in cultural heritage and it’s known as the country where West meets East and Past meets Present. The bridge, Eurasia that connects Asia to Europe.

Hakan assigned the responsibility of the task os saving Istanbul from mysterious and mystical immortals whose target is to destroy the country and its people. At the start, he seems unfit for the job he was destined but as the time ticks away, he becomes better and better. And, at last, he truly grasps his responsibility.

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The Protector Season 5 Renewal

The Protector Season 4 was released on July 9, 2020. The plot was the same. Our hero Çağatay Ulusoy’s Hakan protecting the Istanbul from immortals again. But season 4 was slightly different from its preceding seasons. The new thing and a surprise discovery Hakan did in this season. As it was also said in Season 4 of “The Protector” that the struggle is finally going to get the end. And either the past would win or maybe the future would. So, it’s clear that The Protector Season 5 may consist of the last 10 episodes of the Series.

The Protector Season 5 renewal


As nothing left to show and protect, the series is finally getting an end with this season. And this will not be gets renewed. They deal with their seasons in the best way and utilized the story brilliantly. After the decent ending of Season 4, the speculations got viral on Social Media that The Protector will not get renewed and Season 4 is the end of this web series. And that’s also true somehow, everything gets ended with Season 4.

These speculations gets confirmed officially when Netflix has confirmed this news and hence this made the end of the debates. The show is finally over and we can’t expect something more from it. It’s time for bid adieu for every fan who has loved this show. Now, don’t expect anything from the producers and directors. It’s a complete Goodbye for now.

Since Season 4 is the season finale of The Protector, fans can find Hakan was able to protect Istanbul or not. And in the past, how he stand against the evil monster Vizier. The Season is very much focused in terms of the fighting scene with the evil forces.





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