Traffico Anomalo Google – Complete Details

Google is always updating its algorithms and in between these, Google always launches many services. Here we will talk about the detection of anomalies in Google Analytics also called Traffico Anamalo Google in Italian.

Recently, Google has launched a new feature in Google Analytics in the US called Anomaly Detection. This blog post will cover all the details about Traffico Anamalo Google and all about anomaly detection.

What is Anomaly?

Google anomaly

The things which are just the accidents or the things which we never expected and then it happens, comes under Anomaly. This term is commonly used in the data analysis when the dataset observations or the results do not get a match with the expected model. If we talk about it by taking an example, then, if a business faced a sudden drop in sales. Unexpected use of the debit/credit card which you do not use on your own. An unexpected pain in your head or the stomach or all the things which you do not expect at the moment but it happens.

There is also a classification of the anomalies. But following are three of them –

  • Context Anomalies- As the name indicates, this anomaly is context-specific and commonly engaged with the time series data.
  • Point Anomalies- In this, even a single data is abnormal, it executes, and it is different from the others a lot.
  • Collective Anomalies- For the detection of anomalies, this is the series of data.

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Anomaly Detection in Google Analytics

A few time ago, Google launched alerts for analytics intelligence in the US and these alerts are done by machine learning algorithms detection. With these Analytics Intelligence alerts, Google also launched Google Anomaly detection that is helpful in giving notifications about the weird or unexpected observations in the Google Analytics data.

Google also described these detections as follows –

At the start, the selection of the data is done (which is in the year) by using historical data. Then, that data is compared with the standard/forecast model data. Then, Google processes it for 90 days. After 90 days, Google machine learning intelligence applies the Bayesian space-time series model to the previously taken historical data and then forecast new data in the time series. And finally, after this, Google Intelligence found this data as an anomaly using the statistically significant test.


Google Traffico Anomaly Detection- When to Apply?

After the release of Google Traffico Anomaly Detection, the anomaly detection can be applied to all types of data sets analysis. Some of the services on which you can use it when

  • Monitoring Server rooms
  • Monitoring Business Values
  • Monitoring the use of the credit cards

Challenges in Detecting Anomalies

Google anomalies are all about the detection of strange and unexpected data. And calculation on the abnormal observations is challenging as it is getting done by the machine learning technology, so, the data is not 100% correct as it tries to predict these unexpected observations.

The confusing matrix can help in the detection of anomalies as this matrix shows a number of achieved models.

As we are aware that Traffico Anomalo Google is an Italian term. It is used to show the unusual traffic sources generated by computer networks. People who are not much aware of the Traffico Anomalo Google usually get tensed when they get the popup of the unusual traffic. Not everyone is smart and technical enough to know these things. So, that is one of the reasons I’m writing this blog here to make my readers know about the term “Traffico Anomalo Google”.

Traffico Anomalo Google – People Call it Malware!

Malware is malicious software that hackers misuse. Sometimes, the redirection and proxies also come under malware. For Traffico Anamalo Google, as people get the popup, many operators and computer technicians reported this as peculiar. It may or may not infects the computer but it is true that it sends the proxy data to Google.

People faced the weird captcha information again and again after clicking on the popup notifications of the Traffico Anamalo Google and seeking Google for the solution. When this malware information was reported by Google, Google takes some steps to remove the threat for a clean process.

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Some Exceptions That Can Be Done

It happened in the US when the people were not getting the captcha and they are unable to access the website. In that case, the following things we’re told to do by the experts –

  • Restart the Router or disabling/enabling your internet connection.
  • Calling your ISPs.
  • Reset the WiFi connection
  • Antivirus installation to prevent the malware that is responsible.


Technology is always a boon for human life. But sometimes, people are not ready to accept it and many times, the technology is not up to the mark. In the case of the “Traffico Anamalo Google” update by google in the data analysis of Google Analytics, it was beneficial to get the detection of the data which was impossible before it.


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