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Technology is advancing day by day. People are using it for their benefit and making their life simpler. There are many inventions which are helpful and was the needed one, with that some still shocks people. In this article, we will talk about DOTKey.

Remember, that QWERTY keyword, that traditional one which we are still using and used it for your entire life. And it’s not just the decades but the centuries. The computers started with typewriters and that was also QWERTY type. From that old typewriters to the advanced gaming keyboards, QWERTY keyboards have been changed a lot but not the pattern of the keys.

When the first traditional keyboard was launched, it was the evolution of the old typewriters in the 19th century and after the invention of the desktops, QWERTY keyboards started their way of advancement. And now we can see the same pattern and layout of the keyboard in touch form in our digital media devices like mobile phones, touch laptops on-screen keyboards, etc.

Traditional Typewriter

This is enough and well-discovered thing for us if we are limited to use PCs and laptops for our work. But, as we know technology never stops for anyone. Mobile technology and the use of mobile phones are now spreading everywhere. And we are on the edge where some new tech really gives more heights to mobile computing.

DOTKey is one of the revolutionary keyboards which was launched a few time ago and it’s seriously rampant with its unique and stylish way of writing. But it requires learning curves and getting used to it. But, the near future is really gonna amazing.

On a QWERTY keyboard, we have to use our both of the hands for the typing whereas in DOTKey, user can type with only one hand and that’s pretty fast typing speed with higher efficiency than traditional ones. The whole thing of DOTKey will work upon your gestures. So, instead of searching for the keys on a little tiny screen of your mobile phones, you can simply type your text with some gestures and taps on the screen.

There is a total of seven types of gestures by which you can make up to 200 gestures that DOTKey can recognize. And, it’s really gonna amazing to watch how the brain calibrates with this new pattern of typing with just only one hand. Once, the synchronization of the brain and gestures is made successfully, then there will be a revolutionary change in the field of Typing. As this is already proven that mind accepts gestures input system more than the other systems. And when you’re done with it, then it will not matter whether you are using your single hand or both or whether landscape mode or portrait mode of the screen.

DOTKey is not just limited to Mobile Phones, but it is also available for PCs or laptops by connecting these devices with mobile phones. It is named SOLO desktop and for that, you need DOTKey on your mobile phone. It is also the best way to replace your old traditional or new lighting mechanical gaming keyboard with a DOTKey easily.

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