Wild West And Wizards Review – RPG in Open World

Hello, things are getting wacky when we’re adding wizards into the wild west. Because Wild West and Wizards include exactly what you think, wizards, and magic which in some ways is exactly what a western needs to mix it up a little. If Wild West and Wizards were only the wild west it would be boring. This genre of game is my jam and I’ve been enjoying it. So let’s get started this article.


Wild West and Wizards is an open-world first-person action game. You’re pretty much dropped into the world with instructions to find the first town. You can do that but you’re left alone to do whatever you want. They took the open-world mechanic and ran with it. Once you start talking to everyone you’ll realize there are quite a few quests to pick up. But you can also visit many of the points of interest on the map to find something interesting or a quest. For example, I was walking the trail to another town and came across a book that talked about going to a church to find a treasure. That’s a quest for me now to follow that same path. Wild West and Wizards is a lot of reading books! It’s a little weird but if you see a book it’s a good idea to read it. Also, a lot of the quests have to do with getting a book. The game is fairly secretive with information. Between the books and the keys, you’ll be looking at everything. Keys are a big part of Wild West and Wizards and the developer loves hiding them everywhere!



Anyway, the game starts off by having you choose one of three character classes. Either the gunslinger, the wizards, or the witch doctor. No matter which class you choose you’ll need to use magic and guns, but as you might guess the gunslinger leans on guns more than magic. The starting abilities and talent tree are what differentiates the classes from each other. My choice is the gunslinger because who brings magic to a gunfight? The gunslinger can mark targets to reduce their armor and they can use abilities that add a little magic damage to their normal shots. You’ll find other spells along the way but I don’t know how useful they’ll be. Next, the wizard class starts with a fireball and an ice bolt. But they still will need to use regular weapons. Finally, the witch doctor class confuses me. They have spells that convert your life into mana and spells which will steal life from the enemies. It seems like an advanced class but why bother why I can shoot the enemies? Maybe I’m too old fashioned. Moving on to weapons, ammo, and gear. There’s a lot more equipment than I expected even a few different types of guns. Revolvers, rifles, repeaters, and shotguns. They even have specially named weapons which are more powerful. I’m struggling to find the correct combination that gives me the most versatility. For example, a shotgun is great in some situations but enemies are usually at too great a distance for it to be useful all the time. But the gunslinger’s talents only have improves for the repeater and the revolver. I find the rifle to be the best weapon class in the game since you don’t have to scope. I would love an option to melee since many of the enemies run right at you.


The most surprising part of the weapons is the ammo. There are three different ammo types for each gun. It’s a cool feature but I have to wonder why it’s there. Sure, the better bullets hit harder but its a lot more inventory to manage. Switching ammo types is kinda a pain and I have enough money to purchase decent bullets. I’m also finding a ton of bullets and I don’t need them. Maybe it’s a gunslinger only issue. Anyway, you can upgrade everything, your weapons, gear, and spells. You’ll find upgrade spheres in chests and on bosses. When I started I expected them to be a finite resource that I had to horde but that’s not the case. I’ve found plenty and there are several tiers. So the lowest upgrade sphere will only do upgrades between levels one and four. Still, if I use the upgrade spheres and find a new weapon that’s better it drives me nuts. I’m finding weapons that are appropriately leveled as I progress so I’m still nervous.



I’m one of those people that refuse to use the health pots all game in case I need them and then on the final boss, I have a million. So my few grievances with Wild West and Wizards are these. First, none of the quests are marked on the map. On one hand, it makes the world feel a little more natural and you’re not running over to every person with a question mark. That always feels a little cheesy. But, talking to everyone can be a little tedious. A little balance would be nice here if the game only showed people that had quests. There’s no mini-map so there’s no worry of only running between quest givers. If you don’t realize it early on that you need the quests then you’ll enter the next area of the game way under-leveled. I had to go back when I couldn’t defeat anything. Next, the huge map seems awesome at first with so many points of interest. Oh look, there’s so much to do in this game! But in reality, that’s far too much room to try and fill. The points of interest are spread so thin that there’s so much running between them and it gets boring.



Don’t get me wrong Wild West and Wizards has a ton of stuff to do but did it have to make them so far apart? The game does slightly sidestep the issue by including fast travel. You know because magic is allowed in this world so that’s nice. But I need a horse or something to get around faster. I wish the map was about twenty to thirty percent smaller with the same amount of content. Wild West and Wizards would be a killer nonstop action game. Overall, Wild West and Wizards is fun although a bit repetitive. I wish it was a smaller game without so much boring running between objectives. The fast travel helps a little but it’s not enough to overcome the monotony. If you can look past that then this game has a silly style that can be a lot of fun. I need more games that have me talking to ghosts to figure out how to stop some cultists in the wild west. And me? They call me the gunslinger.

upgraded weapons

That’s the review for the Wild West and Wizards game developed by Lavaboots Studios.  Here are Minimum System Requirements for the game –

OS Windows 7 or later
Processor: Intel i3 Processor
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 560
Storage: 4 GB HDD


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